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Answer (1 of 6): Almost an year ago— my girlfriend could had been easily called as an extrovert. People loved her and she loved them. She could befriend almost anyone quite easily. She was always the belle of the ball. On the surface, her life seemed perfect. Almost. Introverts don't introduce themselves. They wait to be introduced, or until someone approaches them first. Or at least I didn't introduce myself. The interest I would show with meeting new people at the most was a meek and modest greeting and maybe handshake. Whereas an extrovert would shamelessly rush in with an open mind and open mouth. 2 reviews of Food Extrovert "I've heard good things, but I was 10th in line for mac n cheese. ZERO urgency from the staff as I am going on 20 minute wait. It's hard to mess up an operation that serves only grilled cheese and Mac n cheese. But somehow my order hasn't even been taken yet. Strongly urge you to try LITERALLY any other food truck.
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